About us

The Baby Academy daycare is a secure warm place for our children.

We can provide safe secure healthy and caring environment for our children.


Our goals

To provide early years training with the best experience for our children to get them on the right way to the world.



  • English and Arabic language (listening – speaking – reading and writing).
  • Math are (numbers – shapes – sizes and counting).
  • Science are (understanding the world).
  • Physical and movement area.
  • Art area (drawing – painting and art crafting).
  • Library (reading – telling stories and listening to the stories).

Through all the following activities children will learn and  earn emotional, personal and social development.


Administration and staff

In our daycare we employee experienced teachers who have a great knowledge in dealing with young children.

Our teachers established a secure, caring and positive relationship with the children and their parents.

The principal and the founder of The Baby Academy daycare Mrs. Fatema Jawhar:

  • Graduated from warner pacific College, Portland Oregon, USA.
  • Have more than 20 Years teaching experience in the USA and Kuwait in both languages Arabic and English.

Personally supervising on the daily schedule for the Staff and children.